High School Baseball Training Program

High School Baseball Training

8th-12th Grade


Our High School Baseball Training Course focuses on fundamentals in specific areas of the game progressing to live situations by the end of the program. You have a choice of the one of the four basic disciplines of baseball...hitting, pitching, fielding & catching.


This is a college/professional preparatory program that teaches the newest techniques and allows for live execution using the latest in baseball training technology allowing trainers to address the needs of every player. We also coordinate by skill level and experience to maximize each group.  


This program uses state of the art equipment as well as our most experienced trainers.   We will take video in the beginning, middle and end of the program to help us direct and show players their progress over time. During the video weeks the coaches and parents are encouraged to join us. We use this time to not only teach the students but also the coaches and parents.


Option 1 allows each athlete to sign up for 1 hour of training per week for the duration of the program.   Option 2 allows each athlete to sign up for 2 hours of training per week.   This program is designed to end just before high school baseball tryouts begin.